The Wild Woman

The wild woman; the bones of all that I am, all of the lost and stolen pieces which I have uncovered through my journey into the desert landscape of my soul.

The soles of my feet burning with the harshness of the desert sand, my lips cracking under the heat of the midday sun stretching the lengths of his fiery rays to test my endurance.

Looking under the stones and desert plants gathering all of the bones of my self so that I may carry them to the cave of  ‘La Loba’ (the Wolf Woman) in the hope that once all the bones have been discovered she will listen and hear my song and sing my dismantled skeleton into fullness fleshing out my rib bones and leg bones bringing to life all that I am until I run out into the desert in the wild form of the Wolf and somewhere there in the running perhaps by the light of the moon I am transformed into a laughing and joyous woman who runs free into the horizon!





by Aioa

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