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 Without passion nothing can grow beyond mediocre, nor can anything old transform and become something new. Joy cannot exist without Passion.  Passion and joy are soul mates, though their union is often born through pain and loss.  Passion is the vehicle which  carries us through the turmoil of change and  joy is the ultimate state of being”

A Successful; evolving, compassionate and Spiritual woman Pateena has natural Psychic, clairvoyant and mediumship gifts and is also professionally trained in several holistic and scientific modalities including Transpersonal psychology; Evolutionary Astrology; Past life Regression, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Art therapy and Aura Soma Light therapy , Pateena is using these modalities to help many clients  overcome trauma, abuse, physical and emotional pain as well as changing self limiting beliefs and life negating strategies so that clients may see their full potential and be empowered to manifest the life they desire

I think it is always a fine balance of what to share about oneself, how much too share, how much people want to know? I think though it is important for you to know me in relation to how I work, my beliefs, my personal experiences with Regression, Past lives, Evolutionary Astrology, mediumship and life after death etc.. 



The fear of separation

The fear of separation

I remember my birth, my first breath; my first thought, I didn’t always remember this momentous occasion until one day during meditation experiencing an altered conscious state I found myself inside the womb of my mother preparing to be born, I had not consciously chosen to go to that moment in time and it was not premeditated, there was no intention to regress to the womb nor did I undertake any special process to do this. My intention and the time of meditating was to discover why I found it difficult to complete certain things in my life and why I would procrastinate all the time.  From this thought I regressed into the womb just prior to birth and felt a deep fear forming at the thought of being born and separating from my mother, I knew my birth was imminent but I was holding back, it was as though if I could I would have put out both feet and arms to keep me from falling out!  My poor mother! 

I wanted to go home, I wanted to go back to my soul family.  I did not want to separate from them and I also did not want to physically separate from my mother.  This was the epic struggle of life and death between the polarity of my souls evolutional need to reincarnate  and my soul desire to return to  a disincarnate state.  I felt gentle encouragement from my soul family and my soul guides coming though to me, assuring me they were always going to be close by and that this incarnation was necessary and was of my choosing.  One thing I feel fairly certain off is that it was still my choice whether to incarnate or return back to the disembodies state and maybe this explains why some babies who have with no medical complications die just prior to birth or even during birth where no scientific or physical  explanations are available.  Perhaps their soul has decided it is not yet ready to reincarnate back into a physical body.

Somewhere in my struggle I found peace and chose to be born. as I felt myself relax I began to have all of the physical sensations of being pushed down through the birth canal, I felt the walls of my mothers uterus contract against my body urging me down, I rotated my shoulders to make it easier.  I was working with my mother to be birthed, It was the most amazing experience.  The contractions became so strong that my hands began to pulse and then burn, the burning sensation created a strong vibration in my hands just prior to entering the world, I felt that  I was experiencing the most incredible thing that we as embodied souls get to experience and I was remembering!  This state of rhapsody has stayed with me ever since.

In the immediate few moments following my entrance into the world that existed outside my others body I had the understanding that I knew and remembered everything of the entire fabric of the universe and that I was completely and intrinsically connected to this fabric.  In this same moment I was also aware of being a blank slate open and ready for new emotional and physical experiences to expand and evolve at a soul level. 

Suddenly the awareness of duality was gone I was ‘just’ a baby trying to open my eyes, trying to focus, looking through the milky white lenses of my eyes, making out shapes and forms, becoming aware of the separation from the womb, from my mother, existing in isolation separate from other. Thus begins the heroes journey of return from a state of connection followed by separation until once again returning  as a integrated aspect of the entire conscious universe.

Evolution of the soul

Evolution of the soul


This is the journey we are all on;  the beginning and the end point is the same;  the roads we journey on between these points are all different and we can all individually choose which path we will take to get to our ultimate destination.  The choices we make are not based on a laid out plan that denotes exactly what will happen to that person in that life.  We are taking part in our own unfolding, life is not ‘happening to us’ it is ‘happening through us’ 

Reincarnating into a new life we bring with us our old patterns; our karmic patterns and our societal; religious and family conditioning which occurred in other lifetimes.  This life does not exist in isolation but is a fragment of our entire souls journey.  Our many life times and experiences are a part of our roadmap, they show us where we have been; where we are now and where we are headed.

Through my re-experiencing my birth I was able to begin the healing of a deep fear of separation from what keeps me safe, I would describe myself as intrinsically adaptable and love change and experiencing new things but because of my past conditioning in other lifetimes which has included persecution; abandonment; alienation I have  soul memories  of doing whatever I needed to stay safe, stay out of the public eye, to not be identified and to not stand apart. Hence the procrastination, all that I procrastinate on has to do actualising my self and my spiritual truths though, public speaking, writing, painting etc., anything that may put me in the public eye.  Not surprisingly that is my soul intention for this lifetime to actualize myself  into the external world and share my knowledge and understanding with others so that they may understand the journey and create their own road maps.


Though it is not necessary  that one must have had the same experience as another to recognize and empathize with them, it is however acutely necessary to be able to experience one’s own losses, grief and pain in whatever forms they have manifested and be able to  navigate their way through these labyrinths if one is wanting to be a truly powerful and authentic therapist.  The great psychologist and influential thinker Carl Jung  said this, ‘a good half of every treatment that probes at all deeply consists in the doctor’s examining himself…it is his own hurt that gives a measure of his power to heal’.

Like most others I have experienced loss and grief during my life, much less than some and perhaps more than others. At very low points I had wondered if life was really worth it?  It is the existential question of searching for meaning, for understanding and for a personal sense of purpose which led me along the path of seeking answers to these questions and enabled me find my own personal road map and compass complete with sign posts.


Of course my roadmap is not yours and nor should it be as we are each unique evolving entities with our own evolutionary path. The experiences you are having or have had are uniquely your own regardless of whether someone else has experienced something similar and therefore no one size solution fits all. 

 Whatever the degree or intensity of the event, every transition we experience has one thing in common. It forces us to make changes to our existing life.  A major life transition literally closes one chapter of our life, and starts a new one, often putting us in a new place, direction and pathway that we have not walked before. This can be a very difficult adjustment as we endure intense feelings of fear, grief, doubt, and uncertainty.

However there are certain universal methods that you can use to identify, your evolutionary state, past and current conditioning, spiritual structure, mental structure, intellectual structure and emotional structure and once you have this map then you have created your own personal compass which will bring you to deep healing and transformation of your internal and external reality.


 In some indigenous cultures after a child has been conceived and some time prior to birth a ceremony is performed in which the soul of the newly formed baby is asked by the shamanic/spiritual guide of that community  ‘who are you’? ‘why are you here’? What is your purpose? once the answers have been received his mother and father and community prepares to welcome this unique soul into their fold already understanding his individual purpose and his souls intention for incarnating in that particular body at that particular time and they all share the responsibility in assisting him to fulfil his original purpose. Imagine if you were born into a society in which your unique individuality was recognised and celebrated as a gift for all how different might you feel about yourself, your life  and your connection with others.

You have been here before and the chances are you will be here again, we all are continuing to evolve in each lifetime, being able to remember past lifetimes, understand the intention for this one and predict the next incarnation can only be incredibly empowering.


‘Unlimited possibilities are yours by choice’!


Pateena Donnelly

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