About Alchemy Amulets

Just like every new creation the birth of the Alchemy Amulets began as a tiny embryotic seed, followed by a long gestation period, during which rich nutrients were absorbed through the unbiblical cord of experi-ence before finally being birthed as a sacred and powerful healing system.

I hear Spirit speak to me as a voice from deep within the core of my being but not of my physical self, it was hearing this voice that was the seed for the Alchemy Amulets thirteen years ago, Spirit spoke guid-ing me to create artwork that would heal, images that others would connect with so that they too could hear and see spirit and connect with the essence of their soul in order to gain direction, bring healing and to show the path of transformation. Our soul is our teacher, our guide, our protector, when we lose touch with that part of our selves we may feel lost, broken, disoriented, confused and disempowered.

Our lives are full of experiential learning building layers of experiences upon more layers. From before we entered the womb until after we have left the physical earth, these layers themselves contain layers and these even more, our layers are infinite!

The images contained within the Alchemy Amulet healing system are also created this way, they have un-dergone a process of layering, first coming into being through the expression of feeling and painted with the hand of love, each taking on its own life force as it reveals itself, speaking its initial language and then undergoing a transformation through another experience showing itself through the transitioning of lines and colours and mediums, its language becoming richer and more potent until finally it could be heard and translated to become a tangible power capable of expressing its deep wisdom contained within!

When looking at the amulets you will feel yourself drawn to perhaps one or two in particular, for some reason they capture your attention and you feel yourself respond to them, take the time to feel them res-onate within you physically, when you do you begin a dialogue with the powerful energy contained in the Amulet and a conversation begins between your soul and the image, it is here that healing begins, as the amulet creates a bridge between your conscious mind and your subconscious ( the place of your soul).

Allow the Amulet to choose you and trust it has chosen wisely! Perhaps it is not a colour or a design you would normally respond to, it is the voice of your soul that responds to the amulets which is why con-sciously you may be surprised at the choice.

When you receive your amulet take the time to look into its depths so that you can develop your relation-ship and connection, listen to what it has to say to you, listen for the voice of your soul. When you are wearing your amulet you will find yourself reaching to touch it, become conscious of this action, again you are building the strength in the bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind.

Finally ENJOY your Amulet, notice how many people are drawn to it, by wearing your amulet you are not only opening yourself to the voice of your soul, but helping others to hear theirs also!
I wish you love and peace, I pray you listen and hear when spirit speaks to you, I ask that you trust and that your layers of experience evolve into a rich and empowering force so that you can create the life you were born to live!!

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