What is Alchemical Hypnotherapy

Bringing together the sciences of Spiritual alchemy and hypnotherapy creates a powerful union.  Both serve to create permanent change in your life through the integration of the many parts of yourself and your experiences. Together they offer rapid transformation!

Alchemical Hypnotherapy offers you the opportunity to discover you own internal and external  guides and resources to change negative patterns, habits and behavior, heal emotional and physical trauma from the past and  become empowered to create the future!

The true task of the spiritual alchemist is to discover the power of their inner guides and archetypes and to use these powers to transform emotional and mental debris into spiritual gold (self-realization). The brilliant Swiss Psychiatrist Dr Carl Jung described the process as individuation, or in layman’s terms ‘becoming ‘whole’ and achieving your full potential.

Do you want to become a spiritual alchemist now and reclaim your right to live your life fully without limitations?

The powerful process of spiritual alchemy began for me organically as a therapist whilst working with clients in hypnosis. Clients were intuitively journeying and meeting with inner guides; power animals and Past life personalities who became integrated as a part of their reality to teach guide and heal.  Many of these clients had no previous or little knowledge or experience of exploring their internal and external world in this way.  The result of integrating these internal resources have been astounding and life changing for all who have done so!

Are you ready to Change your life ?  Do you want happiness; fulfillment; joy?  Do you want to release the limitations of the past and discover the full potential of your future?

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Are you still unsure whether Alchemy can help you to do that?  Then please read ‘Shelly’s’ incredible journey and discover how Alchemy and Hypnotherapy helped her to achieve all of those things!