Toning the Chakras


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“Toning the Chakras” is a powerful Chakra Toning compilation with a beautiful 12 page booklet insert containing all of the 7 major chakra symbols and descriptions plus an easy to follow guide showing you how to create the 7 sacred vowel sounds

Vocally toning your chakra’s is one of the most powerful healing tools you will ever be taught!

The beautifully constructed tones of the accompanying instruments and the pure angelic vocals, seem to enter from a higher realm and then guide you through each chakra, so that you feel the vibrations expand and flow as you take a vocal journey into your pure life force

“Toning your chakras” contains 9 tracks including an introduction explaining how to create the sacred vowel sounds with a vocal demonstration for each chakra; the next 7 tracks take you on a powerful vocal journey through each of the 7 major chakra’s with the final track a 5 minute meditation to slowly bring you back down through the chakra vocal scale to integrate balance and ground.

2 reviews for Toning the Chakras

  1. Lisa Holman
    5 out of 5


    This is an amazing CD …I have never heard anything like it….it’s like the sounds are coming from another world and I can feel the vibrations and the energy surrounding me and moving through me . Very powerful….

  2. Lisa Holman
    5 out of 5


    This CD is incredible. The music and vocals sound like they are coming from another realm. I can feel the vibrations and energy surrounding me and moving through me. An amazing and powerful experience each and every time!!!!

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