Past Life Regression (Full Session)


PLR Full Session
This FULL 90-120 minute recorded session will allow you the opportunity to review up to THREE past lives in ONE session and fully experience a spiritual journey for self healing and transformation.

What happens in a Past Life Regression Session?

Prior to the session I will explain the process with you and we will discuss the issue you would like to work with…then I will guide you into a deeply relaxed state, similar to  the feeling of deep meditation or the sensation just prior to falling asleep or waking up.  You will constantly be aware of where you are and your surroundings. From this state you will access your subconscious where your memories of past lives are stored. We will interact throughout the session as I guide you through your lifetime seeking significant events, you will then be relaying them back to me. You will be telling me what you are seeing and feeling, it is through this telling that you access your own healing; this is your session and only you know where that healing lies; my role is to guide and facilitate the regression in order to locate the doorway to that healing space.  We will review up to 3 lives in one session.

I will record and email your session to you, or a CD can be mailed if you prefer


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