Julies Story


The personal healing that has come to me through the processes of Alchemical Hypnotherapy has transformed my life from one that was primarily controlled by fear to an existence that is expansive and rewarding. At 46 I feel healthier and in a greater state of ease than at any other time in my life.
When I met Pateena I was struggling with a deep sense of fear that I had not been able to access through other hypnotherapy sessions. This fear prevented me from being at ease in many areas of my life. I was uneasy in my body, in my speaking, and in my writing. I felt as though everything I did and said had to be disguised somehow so that the real content would not be revealed. Everything was haunted by a feeling that I was being watched. A very intuitive friend of mine had called this feeling that she sensed I was holding “the fear in the wall”. I didn’t know exactly what that “fear in the wall’ was but I knew it was vital for me to know. I came to Pateena to explore this Fear in the Wall. She had a sense that it might be a past life issue that needed clearing.
During my session with Pateena the fear in the wall was revealed. We visited two past lives and in both, the person I felt to be myself was trapped. In the first life we visited I was terribly obese and afraid to leave the house, imprisoned by my own fear to the coffin box of my home. In the second life we visited a life in which I found myself imprisoned again, this time in a real coffin! But I was alive, and quite terrified. With Pateena help we moved the story back a little further in time, and we were able to gather important information. My death had been ordred by the superiors of our clan (the reason was not made clear to me), my mother had fed me an herb which would make me sleep so deeply that I would appear dead. She couldn’t tell me any of these things because as she described it “there were ears everywhere”. My mother planned to rescue me later so that the elders would not know I was still alive, but waking sooner than she had planned I experienced such terror and grief over being buried alive that I must have lost my sanity. It occurred to me when the story had unfolded that the “ears that were everywhere” had kept me in my subsequent lives from speaking what was true for me. The fear in the wall was still with me in this life; I was still confining myself to an enclosure out of fear of what would happen if I revealed my true self. Pateena knew what needed to happen was for the original outcome of this life to be changed. She asked me what that change would look like. Even as she asked me that question, the scene began to change to another ceremony, in which all the women of the clan came forward to be initiated into their empowered selves. I took my place beside my mother. I had a sense of all the blocked information being allowed free movement from this past life down through all my subsequent lives. The function of the “ears” had changed. Rather than a channel of surveillance that ran from one life to the next, listening for any breaches of information, the ears were now a series of echoing chambers that easily passed the truth from one life to the next. I had a sense of opening in my own ears, as if they’d just been cleared of trapped water. This sensation followed from the farthest past life back to the present, opening the channels of experience, melting them into one.
Suddenly the powerful energy resulting from my lives becoming unified and being able to “hear” each other resulted in a strong chaotic element entering the ceremonial scene. Suddenly the earth began rumbling and heaving and splitting in places, and I felt the wrath of all those buried years, the anger behind that history of oppression. The powerful feeling became quickly destructive and I could see the men in the ceremony running for their lives, terrified. Here is where Pateena took the most beautiful turn and revealed herself as a most competent therapist by asking me to bring in the guides of the frightened men so they would not be frightened, as soon as she suggested this, the out of control energy immediately dissipated. This single element of my session with Pateena brought me the deepest clarity about how I can work with my emotions when they feel out of control. She helped me to realize on the deepest level that I want to be able to utilize the power I have been given and that I never want to use it destructively. She taught me how to withdraw from a powerful emotion so that I can then have power over it, rather than the other way around.
Since my session with Pateena, enormous changes have occurred in my life. Soon after the session, I found the clarity I needed to end a relationship that had not been working. Seriously, I have discovered a new ease in everything that I do. I speak more easily, I write more easily, and I enjoy my work more. I have a stronger sense of boundaries, and an all around less fearful life. It feels good! Pateena does amazing work. Under her intuition and guidance I felt so safe. She has the capacity to hold an enormous space for another person and his or her process. Her wisdom and ability in this work, her lovely gentleness, all worked together to help me release the grip of fear I had been under for my whole life, and many lives before.
I would also like to add that after the farthest back past life was resolved and healed, the first past life we visited, in which I was agoraphobic and obese, resolved itself as a result. I saw the fat melting off the woman who had been trapped in her house, afraid to go outside. I saw light flooding the inside of the house, the windows and the doors opening. I saw her walking outside, no longer trapped by her fear, confined to the walls of her house.
And now we all go outward, moving deeper and more freely on the path to healing.
Thank You, Pateena