Messages from your guides

Like myself and thousands of others you are wanting to know who your guides are, what are their names, how can you connect with them? what do they have to tell you about who you are? Your life path? Your life  your purpose?

Connecting with our master guides gives us a vital sense of who we are and why we are here!  When I came to know my Master Guide ‘Sion’  (meaning God is gracious, Heaven) my direction, ability to speak with spirit and understand my own unique path became crystal clear. I no longer doubt my intuition or inner voice, if I am unsure of anything or need to make a choice  I quickly contact my guide and am shown the direction I need to go or action needed to take.

Through my Master Guide I  have been given the gift of channelling the names and conveying messages from other peoples master Guides,  Do you want to know who your master guide is? Would you like to hear a message that is just for you to understand?

This s genuine there is no smoke and mirrors here!  When I work to connect with your guide I initially have no idea of whom your guide may be, it is only by entering an altered state of consciousness or trance like state that I am able to begin channelling the information, I get my personality ‘self’ out of  the way,  which means when the information comes through it is not in my words or how I would share it but in the words of your guide with the power of their energy in its delivery!

You can book one of these channelling sessions to learn the name of your guide and receive the message/messages they have for you via phone, skype or email,

Sessions are available in 15 min Blocks  If you would like to receive more in depth information regarding the message please choose two  blocks.

Many Blessings to you all!

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